What is Meanwhile

in Crete?

Meanwhile in Crete has been launched in 2016 on Instagram and it is a feature account fully dedicated to the beautiful island of Crete.
Through the last few years, MinC has become a community made up of people who share the same passions: Crete and photography. On our Instagram profile, you will discover plenty of amazing images and meet outstanding content creators.

For who is MinC?

MinC is a place for those of you who are looking for travel inspirations or planning your next trip to Crete. It's also an Instagram account where you can promote your work and show your pictures to the wider audience.

Who is behind MinC?

Well, it's always a little bit challenging to write about yourself, so I will keep it simple.
Hi! My name is Katerina and I live in Crete since 2016.
Feel free to contact me for any questions (English & Greek) at katerinakubielas@outlook.com.

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